Magical Mexico

Magical Mexico
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mercado de Abastos in Oaxaca City

 On Wednesday morning Cate and I bounded out to the Abastos Market and what a treat and trick that was.  It is a huge, chaotic, rambling, milling, maze of food, flowers, people, bolsas, moles and, yes, even a pig's head if needed for the evening meal.   Cate and I felt we had been sucked into a different world, spun around twenty times and thrown back out into the city streets full of buses, taxis, people everywhere, etc, etc.  What marvelous confusion!
The first picture is of mole varieties that we got to taste and watch being ground in the Molinas.  Other pics are of stalls in the market which contained every conceivable item:  flowers, mole, fruits, lime, live turkeys, live anything really, and the head of a PIG!  Yes, it's true, that one really got me.  And everywhere, altars, altars, altars.  Amazing.

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